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How to Report Scores



Volleyball Meet Hosts


Here is information on how to report scores



Reporting Meet Results.  Each host team must report the exact score of each game of each match played at its meet to the League no later than 10:00 a.m. on the Monday after Saturday’s meet.


Scores must be reported in the order listed on the schedule page. The best way to report scores is to write the scores on the schedule page that can be printed from the website for the appropriate division. Options for submitting scores are as follows (these are listed in order of League preference, although any option is acceptable as long as it’s on time):


Fax: 715-749-4198




Call: 715-749-9048 and leave a voicemail message if Tracie doesn’t answer. Those calling in scores have three minutes of space per call to report, so speak quickly, but clearly. Those reporting should leave a phone number at which they can be reached on Monday during business hours if Tracie has a follow-up question (those reporting should take scores with them to work Monday morning so they can clarify any issues).