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Volleyball Standings

Standings for April 14 Meets:  Due to the spring snow storm on April 14, several meets were either cancelled or modified by playing fewer matches or playing games to lower scores.  Some teams were reconfigured to include players from younger grade levels or players from more than one team so that there would be enough players to attend a meet.  Because of the difficulties on this particular Saturday, the League will not count any of the games/matches played on that date in the standings.  Teams will also not be penalized for not playing on that date when we consider teams to participate in the end of the season League Championship Tournament.

















League Standings will be posted weekly and

are calculated as follows:

7th and 8th Grade Meets


The only time a third game in a match should be played is when the two competing teams each win one of the first two games.  Hosts are encouraged to get ahead of schedule, rather than play an "unneeded" third game. 





4th/5th and 6th Grade Meets


The main difference between 4th/5th and  6th grade matches and those in 7th and 8th grade, is that we actually have a procedure in place to encourage (rather than discourage) the playing of the unneeded third game (see Section D-3 of League Rules).  This is done to give younger players more playing experience, even if the outcome of a given match has been decided.  The only difference between how we handle 4th/5th and 6th grade versus 7th/8th grade meet results, is that we will post the scores of all unneeded third games in 4th/5th and 6th grade matches.  However, we will not count the outcome of that third games in 4th/5th grade and 6th grade matches toward the League Standings, for purposes of calculating the game win/loss percentage, when the match was decided in the first two games.  In that way, the "winning" team isn’t penalized for playing all of its less experienced players in game #3.