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When is the Wisconsin Independent Volleyball League season?


WIVL organizes meets on seven consecutive Saturdays each Spring (mid March to mid-May).  


How much does each meet cost?


For the Spring 2024 season, teams were charged $30 per match to play and the host will receive a hosting credit of $17 per team per match.  

How many matches will do I have to play at each meet?


Each team can opt to play three, four, five or more matches per day.


·         If you choose to play three matches, your matches will likely be scheduled in three consecutive time slots, or usually over no more than four time slots, so that your team is making only a half-day commitment. 

·        If you choose to play four matches a day, these will likely be scheduled over five to six time slots, with some back-to-back matches and some one time-slot breaks between matches.

·        If you choose to play five matches a day, in most cases you’re looking at a full day commitment, with five matches over a six, seven or eight time-slot day. 

·        If your team wants to play more than five matches per day, you aren’t likely to have any longer day than those teams playing five matches, but you will play more back-to-back matches.


Do we play other teams at the same grade level?


There is a separate playing division for each of three grades:  6, 7 and 8.  There will also be a combined 4th/5th grade division, in which we’ll schedule play between 5th grade teams, 4th grade teams and combined 4th/5th grade teams.


How long are the matches?


4th/5th and 6th Grade:  50 minutes apart – anticipated 40-45-minute match with a 5-10-minute warm-up for the next match.


7th and 8th Grade:  55 minutes apart – anticipated 45-50-minute match with a 5-10-minute warm-up for the next match.