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2020 - 2021 League Schedules & Scores

The Great Northwest Basketball League 2020-2021 Season Update (October 25)


The entire schedules for 8th GRADE GIRLS, 7th GRADE GIRLS, 6th GRADE GIRLS, 6th GRADE BOYS and 5th /4 th GRADE GIRLS meets are posted below.  To find your team's play dates, please search for your team name.  We are working on the 5th/4th grade boys and 8th grade boys and will post as soon as possible.

  • Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, there are fewer hosts than in any other season.  Because of this fact, teams were only able to be scheduled into a small number of meets than requested.  We tried our best to give even distribution throughout the League, however some areas had teams able to host more meets than other areas.
  • As the season goes on, we anticipate that some 8th grade teams may choose to add meets to the schedule in January, February or March.  We will add those additional meets to the schedule as soon as we know about them and list them on the "Meet Openings" page on the website.
  • Please keep in mind that Wisconsin is currently covered by a mandatory mask order for all indoor spaces (except private residences).  All fans, players and coaches will be required to wear masks as long as this order is in place in Wisconsin. 

Thank you for your patience during the scheduling process.




8th Grade Girls

2020 - 2021 Schedules & Scores

7th Grade Girls

2020 - 2021 Schedules & Scores

6th Grade Girls

2020 - 2021 Schedules & Scores

8th Grade Boys

2020-2021 Schedules & Scores

There is one December meet scheduled for the 8th Grade Boys (December 12 in Ladysmith) which is posted below.  The entire 8th grade boys schedule will be posted the week of November 2.

6th Grade Boys

2020-2021 Schedules & Scores

Note to all 5th and 4th grade teams

5th grade teams and 4th grade teams are intermixed in the schedules posted below.  Meets in the 5th/4th grade schedules may have all 5th grade teams, all 4th grade teams or a combination of 5th and 4th grade teams.

In ALL cases, we have used the word "Juniors" to designate the 4th grade teams.  

For example, St. Croix Central is the 5th grade team and St. Croix Central Juniors is the 4th grade team; or Eau Claire Eagles Purple is the 5th grade team and Eau Claire Eagles Juniors Purple is the 4th grade team.



5th Grade Girls

4th Grade Girls

2020-2021 Schedules & Scores

5th Grade Boys

4th Grade Boys

2020-2021 Schedules & Scores

Will be posted soon








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