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Due August 7, 2020

All communities, associations or school districts are strongly encouraged – although not absolutely required – to submit a Meet Hosting Form covering all teams from their community or school district.  Our strong preference is that each community submits one unified form for all the boys and girls teams from that community or school district.  (We do not expect a parochial school to be included in a community's general submission.  For example, we do not expect Rice Lake St. Joseph to be part of the Rice Lake submission, or McDonell Central MAXX to be part of the Chippewa Falls submission.)  We realize that in some communities, the boys and girls operate under very different organizational umbrellas and prefer to submit separate forms.  Nevertheless, it's easier for two programs in the same community to talk to each other, than to force the League to do so for you. 

One of the things we accomplish with this approach is more flexibility on host dates.  For example, let's say the boys program in a community is willing to host two meets and the girls program one meet.  Each provides us with optional dates they've "reserved."  We would expect teams in the same community using the same facilities to switch those reserved dates with each other if it works out best for the League schedule.  Communities that do this help immensely to facilitate League efficiency. 

Requests for hosting dates will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  The earlier you submit your Meet Hosting Form, the more likely that you'll get to host on your preferred date.  Communities submitting Meet Hosting Forms shortly on or before the August 7 deadline may not receive the choice of date(s) they want to host.  For example, let's assume you have a 7th grade girls "A" team and they want to host on December 5, but you don't submit your hosting form until August 7.  If, at that time, we've already exceeded the number of meets the League can accommodate on that date, or at least in your area and at your ability level, we will not be able to accommodate your request to host on that date.  At that point, you'll either need to come up with an alternate host date that works into the schedule or you'll be unable to host. 

Every season, at several grade levels, we have too many or too few communities that want to host.  Preferential treatment will be given to those communities that submitted their hosting forms early (along with other considerations, such as the total number of meets hosted by that community relative to meets played).  Bottom line:  submitting your hosting form on July 10 is better than July 15, and July 25 is better than August 7.

Over the course of the last several years, a few communities cancelled their home basketball meets for various reasons.  While we realize that a host may occasionally lose gym space for a totally legitimate reason (e.g., a re-scheduled varsity basketball game due to school closure, a WIAA-sanctioned event that wasn't on the calendar at the beginning of the school year, etc.), cancelling a meet is a very serious problem that affects not only your team, but the players, coaches and fans of many other teams as well.  Teams/associations that cancel a home meet will risk losing hosting privileges in succeeding years (see Rule B-2).








The deadlines for submitting the Team Enrollment Forms reflect the order in which we prepare the meet schedules for each grade.  We will have the schedule for each grade completed approximately 45 days after the registration deadline for that grade.  The deadlines for submitting the Team Enrollment Forms for the various grades are as follows:

  • 8th grade girls – August 13
  • 7th grade girls – August 20
  • 6th grade girls – August 27
  • 6th grade boys – September 3
  • 5th and 4th grade girls – September 17
  • 5th and 4th grade boys – September 24
  • 8th grade boys – October 1
  • 7th grade boys – October 8

All boys teams and 6th, 5th and 4th grade girls teams, please remember that, even though your Team Enrollment Forms aren't due until late August through early October, if you intend to host, we still need your Meet Hosting Form by the deadline of August 7.  While these teams have more time to register, we appreciate receiving as many early registrations as possible for all grade levels to help facilitate schedule preparation.

If your community wants to host a boys meet, or one for 6th, 5th or 4th grade girls, and you miss the August 7 deadline, we MIGHT – there are no guarantees – be able to accommodate your desire to host if we need the space and if you're able to host on a date that works for the League.  However, if you're involved with an 8th or 7th grade girls team, we will actually begin scheduling for those grades by August 30, thereby making a late request to host very difficult, if not impossible, to accommodate.










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