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Where can coaches find the Contact List to make pre-meet phone calls/emails?

To ensure that all teams will be at your meet, it is the responsibility of each host team to contact the coaches or contacts for all teams attending the host’s meet approximately one week in advance to verify the attendance of the visiting teams and the start time of each team’s first game.  This season we will again be emailing this information to host teams and including email addresses to aid in contacting visiting teams.  If you do not receive this list by email the weekend before your home meet, please contact Tracie at (we have found a number of incorrect or inactive emails in our records).  Please note that if you choose to email the visiting teams, you must receive a confirmation in return (not just a read-receipt); otherwise you should make contact by phone.

Coaches who want to get the name of another coach or two from neighboring communities for purposes of setting up a scrimmage can request the name and phone number by sending an e-mail to Tracie Tilton at .  All such requests must be sent via e-mail or USPS.  We will not process voice ail requests.

The League does not publish a League-wide contact list on the League’s website.  Our principal motivation is one of privacy.  More and more organizations that are promoting basketball camps, selling products, recruiting for all-star teams, etc., are using the League’s contact list to solicit coaches.  Many coaches have complained to us about these calls, particularly involving their cell phones, unlisted home phones and work numbers.

How can I get extra ribbons if I have more than 12 players at a meet?

Per League Rule A-3, each coach at each meet will receive 12 ribbons to distribute to his/her players inscribed with one of the following: First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Fourth Place, Fifth Place, Sixth Place, Seventh Place and for Eighth place.  No trophies will be awarded.  Awards will be purchased centrally to achieve the best possible price break.  The process to be used for the distribution of awards for the season is described in Attachment #3 to the League Rules. 

Coaches can purchase additional generic ribbons at cost plus shipping charges from our supplier, Apple Awards.  These ribbons are the same size and color as the ribbons received at Great Northwest meets.  Each is inscribed with the words "Great Northwest Basketball League Meet," and the appropriate place taken (i.e., First Place, Second Place, etc.); however, these ribbons do not have the date or location of the meet inscribed on them.  Please contact Dennis at Apple Awards, 715-934-2323 or for further information.

How much does each meet cost?

The cost to play in a four-game League meet during the 2020-2021 season will be $130 per meet.  The hosting credit for a four-game meet will be $70 per team hosted.  If you are hosting a three-game meet, the fee to play in these meets will be $115 (with a hosting credit of $55 per team hosted).  If you host a "hybrid meet" (see discussion above), you will receive a hosting credit of $55 for each team playing three games and $70 for each team playing four games.

How do I get my team into a meet opening?

Coaches can call or e-mail Tracie Tilton 715-749-9048 or to request filling a meet opening (phone calls are preferred).  Meets will be filled on a first come, first served basis, with preferential treatment given to existing League members, and those communities looking to join the League next season at all grade levels for which they have traveling teams of that gender.  We will fill openings with teams of appropriate strength for that particular meet.  (For example, an "A" team will not be allowed to fill an opening at a "C" level meet, or vice-versa.)