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The Great Northwest Basketball League


2020-2021 Season Information


Update:  September 1

Schools are back in session and many teams are sending in Enrollment Forms and Meet Hosting Forms!  This season will be different than past seasons, we are going forward and together we will make it work!

We will begin locking in hosting dates next week.  Each host will be contacted to be certain their facilities are confirmed. 

Before we schedule teams into meets, we will send out a confirmation email to be certain the team you enrolled is ready to be scheduled.  In that confirmation email, we will send details of what the scheduling will look like for that grade.  For example, some 8th and 7th grade girls teams are moving their season to March/April, so there may be more meets held for those grades in January and February than in previous seasons.

We are also aware that some schools that cannot play or host at this time, may be able to secure dates to participate after a month or so of school.  We will add any additional host dates to the schedule as soon as these are confirmed by teams and will post the openings on the website. 

This will be a unique and challenging season, but we are confident that things will go forward and the kids will be on the court again soon!  We are up for the challenge!

Thanks for your patience,

Terri and Tracie



Deadlines for Forms:

  • Meet Hosting Forms:  September 5


     Team Enrollment Form Revised deadlines:

  • 8th grade girls:  September 9
  • 7th grade girls:  September 9
  • 6th grade girls:  September 16
  • 6th grade boys:  September 16
  • 5th and 4th grade girls:  September 23
  • 5th and 4th grade boys:  September 30
  • 8th grade boys:  October 7
  • 7th grade boys:  October 10


LOCAL REGULATIONS ON MASKS AND OTHER ISSUES.  Each host team will be required to inform visiting teams as well as the Great Northwest League of any local or school policies regarding players, parents and coaches wearing masks and crowd sizes, or any other relevant regulations when they make their pre-meet contacts, at least one week before the meet.  The League will post these requirements on the bottom of the schedule page once we have them.  These requirements are subject to change throughout the year and from area to area, so we will not post them for all meets from a school at the same time.  The League does not have any exact rules in place since we cover a large area.  We do recommend following safety guidelines for all players and fans which include wearing a mask when in public, washing hands/using hand sanitizer frequently and staying at home if you are not feeling well.  Fans in the stands and in common areas should try to socially distance as much as possible.

OPTIONAL MEET FORMATS.  Many schools may have restrictions on the number of people allowed into a venue at one time.  Therefore, we would consider changing the format of the meets – if needed – to one of these options:

  1. We would plan to keep as many meets as possible to the 3-game meet options that we have used in the past.  We are likely to have very few teams that want to play four games this season (other than at the LCT or WSICT) and will plan to use 3-game formats as much as possible, with no hybrid or 4-game formats. 

In these regular 3-game meets, there are two brackets of four teams each with teams playing at alternating times and a game off between each time that they play – Bracket 1 playing at 9:00, 11:20 and 1:40; and Bracket 2 playing at 10:10, 12:30 and 2:50.This format is still the best for hosting, teams will be able to rest between games and have time to get to the concession stand.

  1. Option for 4-team meets:  One option we will use if requested is to have Bracket 1 play their games in the morning and Bracket 2 in the afternoon.  This would mean fewer people in the facility at one time, however teams would have to play back to back to back games.  Using this option, we would add an additional 10 minutes between games so that teams could rest and get some food. 

Bracket 1 would play at 9:00, 10:20 and 11:40.

Bracket 2 would play at 1:00, 2:20 and 3:40.

  1. If absolutely necessary, we would implement a 3-team, 2-game meet format.  This would be done to minimize the number of people in the facility at one time.  Hosts should be aware that this format would cut into concession stand visits and will want to change their menu offerings accordingly.  However, this option may give more teams the ability to host while limiting the number of visitors to their school.  The cost to play in a 3-team, 2 game meet will be $90 and the hosting credit to the host team will be $45 for each team in attendance.

In this 3-team, 2-game option, the following schedule would be used:

Bracket 1

9:00 Home team vs closest visiting team

10:10 Closest visiting team v Farthest visiting team

11:20 Home team vs Farthest visiting team

20 minute transition time between Brackets<

Bracket 2

12:40 Home team vs Team 2

1:50 Team 2 vs Team 3

3:00 Home team, vs Team 3




If you have questions, please contact:


            Terri Green 715-386-4317 (


            Tracie Tilton 715-749-9048 (