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Hosting Information





Pre-Meet Contacts.  It is the responsibility of each host team to call the coaches or contacts for all teams attending the host's meet not more than ten days, and not less than six days, in advance to verify the attendance of the visiting teams and the start time of each team's first game.  The League will provide each host with a list of contacts from the teams attending its upcoming meet about ten days in advance of the event as described in Paragraph A-8 of these rules.  If a visiting team is not planning to attend a given meet, the host will immediately notify Terri Green (715-386-4317) or Tracie Tilton (715-749-9048) so a replacement can be arranged.  Host teams that fail to make these calls on a timely basis and have a scheduled visiting team not attend its meet, will have its hosting credit reduced by $100.  When calling, the host team should provide each visiting team coach with the name and number of someone in the host community to call in case of weather issues on Friday night or Saturday morning.


When calling attendees to their meet, hosts must not rely on a voice mail or email message left as an effective means of confirmation.  Hosts must actually talk to the coach or other person responsible for the team in question, or receive a specific acknowledgement voicemail or email confirming attendance.  If a host has a difficult time reaching a head coach for a team scheduled to attend their meet, consult the customized contact list provided to you as described above and call the team's assistant coach, varsity coach or association contact to ask for their assistance in obtaining that team's confirmation.  If that fails as well, call Terri Green at 715-386-4317 / or Tracie Tilton 715-749-9048 / and ask for assistance.

Each host team must report the exact score of each game played at its meet to Tracie Tilton no later than 10:00 a.m. on the Monday after the previous Saturday’s meet.  Hosts failing to report scores in a timely manner risk having their hosting privileges curtailed in future years.

Scores must be reported in the order listed on the schedule page.  The best way to report scores is to insert the scores after each team on the League-provided schedule page.  Options for submitting scores are as follows (in order of League preference, any option is acceptable):

  • Scan and email:   Teams can also email a photo of the scoring summary.
  • Fax:  715-749-4198
  • Call:  715-749-9048 and leave a voice mail message.  Those calling in scores have two minutes of space per call to report, so speak quickly, but clearly.  Those reporting should leave a phone number at which they can be reached on Monday during business hours if Tracie has a follow-up question (those reporting should take scores with them to work Monday morning so they can clarify any issues).