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2018 - 2019 League Schedules & Scores

Schedule Update (October 13, 2018)


The following schedules are posted below and have been mailed:

  • 8th Grade Girls
  • 7th Grade Girls
  • 6th Grade Girls
  • 3rd/4th Non-Competitive League (click on "Non-Competitive" above).  These schedules are NOT mailed.

We are currently working on the 6th grade boys and 8th grade boys schedules.  Once those are completed, we will move forward scheduling the remaining grades in this order:  7th grade boys, 5th and 4th grade girls, then 5th and 4th grade boys. 

Please understand that during this extremely busy time, we are not able to answer every call or email and may not respond until scheduling is complete.  If your call/email is about a scheduling issue, we may wait until we are actually scheduling that grade/gender.  Any call or email should come from a team’s coach only.  We do not answer calls or emails from individual parents or anyone not listed on our contact list as the coach of the team.

Thanks for your patience!

8th Grade Girls

2018-2019 Schedules & Scores

7th Grade Girls

2018-2019 Schedules & Scores

6th Grade Girls

2018-2019 Schedules & Scores

8th Grade Boys

2018-2019 Schedules & Scores

7th Grade Boys

2018-2019 Schedules & Scores

6th Grade Boys

2018-2019 Schedules & Scores

Note to all 5th and 4th grade teams

5th grade teams and 4th grade teams are intermixed in the schedules posted below.  Meets in the 5th/4th grade schedules may have all 5th grade teams, all 4th grade teams or a combination of 5th and 4th grade teams.

This season, in ALL cases, we have used the word "Juniors" to designate the 4th grade teams.  

For example, Altoona is the 5th grade team and Altoona Juniors is the 4th grade team; or Eau Claire Eagles Purple is the 5th grade team and Eau Claire Eagles Juniors Purple is the 4th grade team.

5th Grade Girls and

4th Grade Girls

2018-2019 Schedules & Scores

5th Grade Boys and

4th Grade Boys

2018-2019 Schedules & Scores