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Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament

WSICT Background

The Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament ("WSICT") is an annual event for 5th through 8th grade teams, played between late February and mid-April.  All teams invited to the WSICT for the first time are contacted in the fall and winter before the next spring's events.  Teams that played competitively in the WSICT the previous year and are in compliance with all tournament rules regarding All Tournament Team ballots, liability waivers/concussion agreements, eligibility requirements, etc., are extended invitations in late October to early November for the WSICT events the next spring. 

This posting is intended to answer some basic questions and assist in streamlining the application process for those teams that are very competitive and are single-school district feeder teams.  For the teams that do not qualify, either because they aren't sufficiently strong, or are not true high school feeder teams as provided for by our eligibility rules, this posting will help coaches understand the selection process before contacting us about entering the tournament. 



Teams that Apply for Entry into the

2018 WSICT Field Should be Aware of the Following


First Step:  To apply for the for the 2018 WSICT, teams must first submit these two items:

  1. The completed Enrollment Form that is enclosed, and
  2. A check in the amount of $335 made payable to "WSICT."

If we do not receive both of these items, a team's application will not be processed.

Hotel Accommodations:  On the website, click on "Hotel Information."  We have a large number of hotel rooms blocked for each WSICT venue.  While you are welcome to contact hotels on your own, you may find that many of them are “filled” because of the extensive number of rooms we’ve blocked. 

When making reservations, please follow the instructions online.  Accommodations for different grades/genders are made by local convention and visitors bureaus or by our staff.  Please request rooms blocked for “Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament (WSICT)” or reference “The Great Northwest Basketball League.”  Be sure to put the rooms in your team’s (or coach’s) name so that the hotel does not inadvertently give them to someone else requesting WSICT rooms.  We recommend that you call hotels between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on a weekday, because you are more likely to talk to knowledgeable staff than you will on evenings and weekends.

Scoring Results:  Scoring results of every pool and play-off game from the 2017 WSICTs, and going back to 2001, with the All Tournament Team selections in each division are listed on this website.  To view, click on "WSICT Archives."

Game, eligibility and seeding Rules for the 2018 WSICT:  On the "Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament" portion of the website, click on "2018 WSICT Rules."

WSICT Pool Assignments:  WSICT participants typically play two or three games against another pool or companion pool, and then three or four more in either the championship or consolation bracket (no team plays less than six total games or more than seven).

When putting together the pools for Saturday pool play in the 2018 WSICT, we will look at three separate factors:

  • We’ll try to achieve geographic diversity – neighboring communities will generally not be scheduled to play each other in pool play.
  • We’ll try to achieve balance by quality of teams.  Top finishers in each division at last season’s WSICT will be evenly-dispersed amongst the pools.  For new teams to the 2018 WSICT field, we’ll rely on what we are provided regarding their record, as well as anecdotal information we’ve heard about each team from other coaches, in order to achieve balance by ability between the pools.
  • We’ll try, where possible, to not match up teams that played each other at the 2017 WSICT.  For new teams in 2018, we’ll rely on their answer to the question in the enrollment form about other strong teams they’ve played; we’ll try not to pool them with teams they’ve played frequently during the season.

WSICT Schedule:  Each WSICT participant will play either four games on Saturday and two on Sunday, or three on Saturday and three on Sunday (for those teams playing seven, usually there will be four games on Saturday and three on Sunday; sometimes three on Saturday and four on Sunday).  Games are scheduled 1 hour 15 minutes apart, starting Saturday at 9:00 a.m., with the last games on Saturday tipping off at 8:15 p.m.  On Sunday, the first games of the day start at 8:00 a.m. and the last games at 2:15 p.m. or 3:30 p.m.  Teams will usually have between 1 hour 15 minutes and 2 hours 30 minutes between games.  No team will ever be required to play in back-to-back time slots.

Approximately 40% of the field must play their first WSICT game on Saturday at 9:00 a.m., 40% at 10:15 a.m. and about 20% starting at 11:30 a.m.  As a result, it probably makes sense for most teams traveling some distance to plan to stay in a hotel Friday evening.  While the attached Enrollment Form asks if you’d like a later start time on Saturday, we may not be able to accommodate everyone.  We also can’t separate in pool play all the teams traveling the greatest distances and still achieve geographic diversity.  Please take this into consideration when answering the question on the enrollment form about preferred Saturday start time. 

Tournament Entry Fee:  The fee to play in the WSICT for 2018 will be $335 for all teams, with six games guaranteed (some teams will play seven).  Your entry fee covers the cost of officials, printing (programs, admission wrist band, and mailings), postage, awards, website construction and maintenance, phone calls and human resources.  While the host community at each grade level retains all profits from concessions and admission sales, they have an enormous organizational job in terms of volunteer hours to help serve between 80-100 teams and host 250-300 games.

Rosters, Liability Waivers/Concussion Agreements:  Each team that applies for enrollment in the WSICT, will receive an acceptance/acknowledgement memo in late December to early January -- please see the timeline on the website for a detailed explanation of when these will be mailed (later registrants will be processed, as received, assuming that there is still room in the field).  In that packet, we will include a Team Information and roster page, a Liability Waiver/Concussion Agreement form that will need to be completed for each participating player. 

All teams that play in the Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament are required to have the following three items on file with our office at least four weeks in advance of the event at their grade/gender level.  These items will be explained in more detail in the acknowledgement memo and are available on our website at under the heading, “Rosters; Waiver, Release and Consent for Medical Treatment Form and Concussion Information.”

  • A complete roster with players names, jersey number, address, school attending and current grade.
  • A "Consent for Medical Treatment and Voluntary Release, Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Risks Indemnity Agreement" (hereafter "Liability Waiver/Concussion Agreement").  New for the 2017-2018 season, we will offer coaches the option of using either the old paper method of mailing in Liability Waiver/Concussion Agreements – or – having parents submit this information online.  To submit Liability Waiver/Concussion forms online, visit our website at, then click on “WSICT” in the top menu bar, then “Waiver/Concussion” in the drop-down or sidebar menu.  From there you can follow the online instructions. 
  • A "Coach Concussion Law Agreement" signed by every head coach, assistant coach or co-coach on your roster.


The documents can be completed online or the paper documents for your entire team can be returned to us by mailing all signed originals to: WSICT, PO Box 506, Hudson WI 54016; emailing to; or faxing to 715-688-2452

All forms need to be completed and sent to us at least four weeks before the event.  Submitting these signed original Liability Waivers and Concussion Information Agreements, as well as the roster is required once each year for every participating team.  However, if your team is a member of The Great Northwest and you have already submitted executed Liability Waivers and Concussion Information Agreements for all members of your 2017-2018 team who will be on your roster for the 2018 WSICT, you do not need to submit them a second time.

All Tournament Team:  Since the first year we organized this tournament, the coaches elected an All Tournament Team, with separate teams for each division at each grade level.  Award winners receive an individual award to memorialize their selection.  Players named to the All Tournament Team in a given grade will be posted on The Great Northwest’s website ( the Friday following each tournament. 

Coaches are asked to nominate between three and five players from their roster who they feel have been the strongest players on their team all season.  These players are the only individuals listed on the printed ballot for each team, with write-ins allowed for other players.  At the event, we have a two-level selection process:  1) coaches voting for players from other teams based on strength of performance at the WSICT (you can’t vote for your own players on this portion of the ballot) and 2) a second process, where each coach rates the top performances on his/her own team after the event. Teams placing in the top quarter of that Division field guaranteed one selection on the All Tournament Team.  This two-pronged approach assures that top teams, with balanced rosters, receive recognition on the All Tournament Team.  In those cases where it is a close vote (a tie or a one-vote differential) as to which one of two players on a given team should be placed on the All Tournament Team, we defer to the perspective of that team’s coach when making the selection.  When the vote is not close (two or more vote differential), we solely follow the direction of the majority of opposition coaches.

We receive feedback about the All Tournament Team selection process after each WSICT.  The biggest frustrations voiced by coaches were that they couldn’t watch all the teams in their division play in order to cast a more informed vote, and that they occasionally disagreed with opposing coaches about who on their own team most deserved to make the All Tournament Team.  The latter issue we’ve already addressed, as best we can, as outlined above.  As far as coaches not being able to watch the games of teams they don’t play, while we obviously don’t require coaches to do that before they vote, the opportunity to do so exists given the 1:15 and 2:30 breaks between games for all teams.  However, even if every coach voted only for players on the six or seven teams his/her team plays, the players that impressed most would still be the ones to make the All Tournament Team.  The bottom line, however, is that the majority of coaches (over 80%) want to keep selecting the team.  While not perfect, as it has evolved, we believe it is the fairest process possible. 

As noted above, for the 2018 All Tournament Team selection process, each coach is required to nominate a minimum of three, and maximum of five, players to appear on the ballot.  The deadline for submitting your All Tournament Team nominations is four weeks before the 2018 WSICT for your grade/gender (the same deadline as for Liability Waivers/Concussion Agreements and rosters).  For coaches who do not submit their minimum of three or maximum of five nominations, we will do one of the following (again, as with missing rosters, we hope not to be forced to take any of the following steps, but we need a procedure in place for coaches who do not submit this information on a timely basis):

  • For 8th, 7th and 6th grade teams that played in the 2017 WSICT, we will simply list the players on the 2017 ballot that were listed in 2017, with their 2017 jersey numbers.
  • For 5th grade teams, and those 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams that did not play in the 2017 WSICT, tournament organizers will pick, at random, five players for whom we have 2018 Liability Waivers/Concussion Agreements.  Again, while we would hope we wouldn't be forced to do that, it is a condition of this tournament that every team participates in the All Tournament Team balloting process.

Coaches who failed to submit a ballot at the 2017 WSICT, and who did not respond after receiving an e-mail a day or two after the WSICT they attended, reminding them of this requirement, will not receive an invitation to the 2018 (or later) WSICT, whether coaching the same team or a different team.  The same will be the case with coaches who voted for only a minimal percentage of the requested number of players or clearly didn't take the process seriously. 

Awards:  The four championship teams at each WSICT will receive a large team trophy, with smaller individual trophies for each team member.  The trophies will read: “2018 Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament Champion.”  Other teams receiving trophies will be as follows:

  • All 2nd place and 3rd place teams in all eight or ten team fields. 
  • All 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place and Consolation Champions (5th place) teams in all twelve or fourteen team fields. 
  • All 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place and Consolation Champions (7th place) teams in all fifteen team fields. 
  • All 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place, 5th place and Consolation Champion (9th place) teams in all sixteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-one or twenty-two team fields.
  • All 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place, 5th place, 9th place and Consolation Champion teams (16th place) in all fields with twenty-four or more teams. 

All individual players on teams receiving trophies for a place other than 1st will receive neck medallions. 

All individual players on teams not receiving a trophy will receive a large ribbon (2 ½" x 12").  All medallions and ribbons will be inscribed as follows: “2018 Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament, ‘x’ place.”  We will provide 12 individual awards per team at the event (whether trophies, medallions or ribbons), but will provide extras after the event to teams with more than 12 players in attendance at the WSICT at no charge to that team.

Souvenir T-shirt and Sweatshirt Sales:  State Tournament t-shirts and sweatshirts have been very popular souvenirs at past WSICTs.  The 2018 t-shirts and sweatshirts will have a different design to set them apart from previous versions.  For teams included in the 2018 WSICT field, coaches will receive merchandise order forms for pre-tournament orders when they receive their acceptance memo as described in the timeline posting on our website. 

Press Releases:  For the 2018 WSICT, all participants will be emailed a template to submit an individualized press release to their hometown newspapers telling of their participation in the 2018 WSICT and how they did.  About 70% of the 2017 WSICT participants chose to do this.

Referrals:  If you have suggestions of other teams in your community or area that we should consider for the WSICT, we'd also appreciate receiving the contact person’s name and phone number for any such teams.

Questions:  Questions about the Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament should be directed to:  Terri Green at 715-386-4317 or  Questions about getting an invitation, pool construction, rules, and recommendations of other teams, the All Tournament Team and eligibility questions should go to Terri.  Questions about hotel accommodations, liability waivers/concussion forms, rosters and submission of paperwork should go to Tracie Tilton at 715-749-9048 or