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Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament

WSICT Background

The Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament ("WSICT") is an annual event for 5th through 8th grade teams, played between late February and mid-April.  All teams invited to the WSICT for the first time are contacted in the fall and winter before the next spring's events.  Teams that were scheduled to play in the 2020 events will be re-invited to the 2021 event as soon as dates and locations are set. 


This posting will answer some basic questions and streamline the enrollment process for those teams that are very competitive and are single-school district feeder teams.  For the teams that do not qualify, either because they aren't sufficiently strong, or are not true high school feeder teams as provided for by our eligibility rules, this posting will help coaches understand the selection process before contacting us about entering the tournament. 




2021 WSICT Entry Fee

The fee to play in the WSICT for 2021 will be $345 for all teams, with six games guaranteed (some teams will play seven).  Your entry fee covers the cost of officials, printing (programs, admission wrist band, and mailings), postage, awards, website construction and maintenance, phone calls and human resources.  The host community at each grade level retains all profits from concessions and admission sales, they have an enormous organizational job in terms of volunteer hours to help serve teams and host the games.


To apply for the 2021 WSICT, teams must submit these two items:

The completed Enrollment Form and

A check in the amount of $345 made payable to "WSICT"


If we do not receive both of these items, team's application will not be processed.  We will ask for additional information (roster, etc., once your team is accepted into the field.  Each season a small number of teams miss out on a spot in this event after adding it to their team calendars, making hotel reservations and planning to attend because a coach forgot to send in the application and fee.