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Liability Waiver / Concussion Agreement


If you are having issues with SportsEngine, please:


  1. Use  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Explorer/Edge are not supported and will not work)


  • Clear your browser cache and cookies. To clear a web browser cache, follow the instructions in this help article: 




To submit the 2021-2022 Liability Waiver/Concussion Agreements online, parents/guardians (or a coach who does not have a child on the team) will need to:

  • Create a membership to the website by clicking the "Create an account" tab at the top of the website page (or Login if you already have an account).  We require parents/guardians to become members as a way to establish that it is the parent/guardian who is electronically signing the Liability Waiver/Concussion Agreement.  


  • All coaches and assistant coaches are also required to complete the online Wavier/Concussion Agreement.  The Coach Concussion Agreement has been made a part of the Parent/Guardian Liability Waiver/Concussion Agreement - so if you have signed this document for your child, you are good to go.  If you are coaching and do not have a child participating, please complete the Liability Waiver/Concussion Agreement form using your own name instead of the player name.


Once you are logged-in, simply click the following link and fill in the required information to submit the Liability Waiver/Concussion Agreement for your child using our online system.





If you are unable to use the online system to complete the Waiver/Concussion Agreement, a hard copy of the document is available below:





For additional Concussion Information for parents, athletes and coaches,
please click on this link to the CDC Concussion page





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