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6th Grade League Championship Tournament




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St. Croix Central


Spring Valley




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6th Grade Special Instructions



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Special Instructions to Teams Attending the

6th Grade Girls 2019 League Championship Tournament

St. Croix Central (Hammond) and Spring Valley, Wisconsin


The 6th grade LCT will be hosted by St. Croix Central (in Hammond) and Spring Valley.  We will be using six surfaces in Hammond, three at St. Croix Central High School and three at St. Croix Central Middle School – the two schools are about 1 mile apart.  In Spring Valley, we are using four courts:  two surfaces at Spring Valley High School and two at Spring Valley Elementary – the two schools in Spring Valley are about 2 miles apart.  Full concessions will be available at all venues.  We have scheduled a travel time for teams that need to move from one community to the other after pool play.  It’s important that the trip be made quickly, with no wasted time spent during departure or arrival, so that games can begin again as soon as teams are on-site - - please note that matches will begin as soon as the teams are at the venue.  The two communities are about 20 miles apart.

There are 32 teams playing in the 6th grade League Championship Tournament.  The tournament will start with eight pools of four teams each, with each team playing each poolmate on a round robin basis for a total of three pool matches. 

After pool play, the winner of each pool will advance to the 1st-8th place championship bracket quarterfinal.  The 2nd place finisher in each pool will be slotted into the 9th- 16th place quarterfinals.  All 3rd place finishers will be bracketed into the 17th-24th place quarterfinals, and 4th place finishers will play in the 25th-32nd place quarterfinals. 

Play-off Brackets

The pairings for the 1st-8th place championship bracket quarterfinal are as follows: 

                                    Match 1:  #1 Blue v. #1 Grey

                                    Match 2:  #1 Green v. #1 Purple

                                    Match 3:  #1 White v. #2 Orange

                                    Match 4:  #1 Red v. #1 Gold

The eight 2nd place pool finishers will advance to the 9th-16th place quarterfinals which will be formatted as follows:

                                    Match 1:  #2 Grey v. #2 Blue

                                    Match 2:  #2 Purple v. #2 Green

                                    Match 3:  #2 Orange v. #2 White

                                    Match 4:  #2 Gold v. #2 Red

The eight 3rd place pool finishers will advance to the 17th-24th place quarterfinals.  This bracket is formatted as follows.

Match 1:  #3 Blue v. #3 Grey

                                    Match 2:  #3 Green v. #3 Purple

                                    Match 3:  #3 White v. #3 Orange

                                    Match 4:  #3 Red v. #3 Gold

The eight 4th place pool finishers will advance to the 25th-32nd place quarterfinals, which will be formatted as follows:

Match 1:  #4 Grey v. #4 Blue

                                    Match 2:  #4 Purple v. #4 Green

                                    Match 3:  #4 Orange v. #4 White

                                    Match 4:  #4 Gold v. #4 Red


Anytime pool play is involved in a tournament, it’s possible to have several teams tie within a pool, with a question of which team will advance as the highest seed to the next round. 

  • If two teams in a given pool tie with the same match record, the team that won the head-to-head match will be the higher seed. 
  • Where three teams tie with the same match record (i.e. with 2-1 or 1-2 records), we next go to game winning percentage in all three pool matches (not just against the other teams involved in the tie).  For example, assume that Teams A, B and C tie with match records of 2-1 each.  If Team A was 3-2 (.600) in pool games, Team B was 2-2 in pool games (.500) and Team C was also 2-2 in pool games (.500), Team A would be seeded #1, because it had the better game winning percentage.  Because Team B and Team C have the same game record (2-2), the team that won the head-to-head match would then be seeded #2 and the loser #3. 
  • Where three teams are still tied after applying the game winning percentage tie breaker, the next tie breaker is the fewest total points given up (i.e., defensive) in all of their pool matches.  If all three teams are still tied after applying the defensive points tie breaker, the next tie breaker is the most total offensive points scored during pool play. 
  • At any time, when using the tie breakers outlined above, if two teams remain tied that played each other, the winner of the head-to-head match-up gets the higher seed.  In other words, where two teams remain tied, whether after applying the defensive or offensive points tie breaker, the next tie breaker is head-to-head results, not tie breaker points. 

For example, if three teams tie with 1-2 match records and 2-4 game records, and Team A gave up 130 points, Team B 132 points and Team C 136 points, Team A would be the top seed of those three teams.  However, between Teams B and C, now that there remains a two-way tie, the higher seed goes to whichever team won the head-to-head match-up between these two teams – not automatically Team B because it gave up the fewest defensive point







NOTICE:  General Posting for All Teams

Wisconsin Independent Volleyball League Championship Tournaments

Grades 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th/4th

May 18, 2019


The narrative below should be read by all coaches attending the League Championship Tournament (“LCT”) for 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th/4th grade girls to be held on May 18, 2019.  In addition, the coach for each participating team should read the grade-specific information associated with the schedule for that grade.

Seedings for the LCT fields closely track with the final League standings when placing teams as the top seed in each pool, making sure each pool has one top-finishing team placed in such a way as to avoid early round play-off match-ups between top seeds.  After the top seeds have been placed in a pool, we take the next “layer” of teams and place one in each pool.  We do the same with the remaining “layer(s).”  This approach allows us to take into account travel and diversity of competition issues, with the objective of keeping each pool balanced competitively.  Our primary objectives here are to make sure multiple teams from the same community are not only in different pools, but also have a reduced likelihood of meeting in the first round of the play-offs; as well as making sure teams with the longest trips are placed in such a way as to give the largest number the latest start time possible.

The following points should be noted by all participant teams -- whether playing in the 8th grade, the 7th grade, 6th grade or 5th/4th grade LCT:

League Rules.  All regular season League Rules will apply to the LCT except as noted below.

Admissions.  Per League Rule B-7, the host will be allowed to charge $6 per adult and $2 per student (versus $4 per adult/$2 per child during the regular season) to help cover the added cost of running this event.  All admission fees are retained by the host school(s).  Instead of marking hands, each admitted person will be issued a wristband that they must display when entering and re-entering each venue.  A wristband purchased in one host community will be valid in the other host community (e.g., for the 8th grade LCT, a ticket purchased in Altoona will be valid in Cadott and Bloomer, and vice versa; the same is true relative to the 7th grade LCT in Amery, Clear Lake and Prairie Farm; the 6th grade LCT in St. Croix Central and Spring Valley; and the 5th/4th grade LCT matches in Edgar and Mosinee).

Players in uniform or with a jersey/shirt in their possession will be admitted free of charge.  Each team will be provided with two (not three or four) coach wristbands at the admission table of the venue where that team plays its first match.  Coaches will need to display their wristband when re-entering each venue.

Concessions.  All hosts will be providing full concessions at their community’s main LCT venue: 

  • For 8th grade, full concessions will be available at Altoona High/Middle School, Cadott High School, Bloomer High School and Bloomer Elementary School.  Limited concessions are available at Cadott Elementary. 
  • For 7th grade, full concessions will be available at Amery Middle School, Clear Lake Elementary School and Prairie Farm High/Elementary School.  There will be no concessions at Amery Intermediate School or Amery Elementary School.
  • For 6th grade, full concessions will be available at St. Croix Central High School, St. Croix Central Middle School, Spring Valley High School and Spring Valley Elementary School.
  • For 5th/4th grade, full concessions will be available at Edgar High/Elementary School and at Mosinee High School / Creske Center). 

Please support the efforts of all of the host schools to provide concessions for the teams.  Host communities retain all concession profits.  Altoona, Amery, Bloomer, Cadott, Clear Lake, Edgar, Mosinee, Prairie Farm, St. Croix Central and Spring Valley should be commended for stepping forward and agreeing to host these four events.  Coaches, please make sure all parents and players are aware of this rule:  No coolers or outside food and drink provisions are allowed at any of the LCT venues except for beverages consumed by players during matches. 

Number of Matches.  As provided for in League Rule B-7, all teams attending the LCT are guaranteed five matches (some teams will play six). 

Rosters.  At regular season meets, multiple teams from the same community are allowed to move players back and forth between their rosters throughout the day to balance playing time for each player.  This is not allowed at the LCT.  If a given community has multiple teams at a specific LCT, each player can play on only one team throughout the day.  Violating this rule will result in the second team to play the same player forfeiting all matches where the player(s) in question was allowed to play.  The original team on which that player played that day will not be penalized, even if the second team is that player’s regular team.

Six players to start all matches.  Please note Rule D-15.  In regular season League meets, a team can start a match with less than six players and not be penalized.  However, as noted in Rule D-15, at the LCT, WIAA rules apply.  A team must have at least six players available to take the floor at the start of the first game of a match, or a forfeit will be declared.  There will be a five minute grace period.  In other words, if a match is scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m., each team must have six players ready to take the court no later than 2:05 p.m. or a forfeit will be declared.  The only exception to this general rule is if the players were unavoidably delayed in traveling from one LCT venue to another, in which case the tournament director will determine whether the tardiness is excusable.

The fact that one or more players are late for their first match of the day, or are late during the course of the meet because of running an errand, is not an acceptable excuse.  Coaches: please remind your players that they must be on time.  We cannot hold up a big tournament like this, with so many matches, because one or two players are late.

Line Judges.  As is the case at regular League meets, each team must provide one line judge to work each LCT match.  Refusal or failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

Failure to show.  If a team drops out of an LCT after the schedule is posted (May 13), the League will make every effort to fill the vacancy.  If that happens, teams will not be re-seeded; rather, the replacement team will assume the vacated spot, without regard to team strength.  If a team fails to show at the LCT, whether for all their matches, or a specific match, all affected matches will be won by the opposing team.  For tie breaker purposes, the scores of those matches will be reported as 25-0, 25-0.

Coin Toss/Bench Selection.  Please note League Rule D-14.  This is the only instance where we’ve amended the published regular season rule significantly for the LCT in the interest of fairness.  The home team in any given match will always be the highest original seed, based on the final standings posted on this website.  At any point during the tournament, the team with the highest regular season seed will be treated as the home team.

Match Start Time.  Start times for first matches of the day vary at the different LCT venues, so check the schedule for your grade carefully.  Where possible, we tried to give teams with longer trips later start times, but that was not always an option.  Where teams in the same LCT pool have different start times, the later start time will always be provided to the team(s) with the longest drive time to their first venue.

Teams will get a minimum of ten minutes (combined, not ten minutes per team) of warm-up time before their first match of the day.  After that, particularly where we are running behind schedule, the official on each court and the tournament director have the authority to start a match early if both teams are there and ready to go, and to limit warm-up time.  Many early day matches will last only two games, with later matches (whether in the championship or consolation brackets) more closely-contested, often going to three games.  Any time that can be made up in early round play will be appreciated later on in the day.  With that objective in mind, we ask your cooperation doing the following:

  • Early starts where possible.  While no team will be asked to start its first match of the day early, where both teams are at the court for their next match, we’d like to see some matches begin before their posted time.  If your team finishes its match early in a given time slot, encourage your players to use the rest rooms or visit the concession stand expeditiously and then proceed directly to the court on which their next match will be played.
  • Don’t leave the venues unnecessarily.  When you have only 55 minutes between matches (50 minutes for 6th and 5th/4th grade), please do not leave the LCT premises, except when traveling between venues to get to your next match.  As noted above, use the rest rooms, visit the concession stand and then go directly to your next match in case it can start early.
  • No or little warm-up.  After each team’s first match, there will be little warm-up time in subsequent matches.  If matches are running significantly behind on a given court, the referee may allow no warm-up time.

First to win two.  All matches will be won by the first team to win two games.  No third games (where one team wins the first two) will be played for “fun.”  This includes the 6th grade and 5th/4th grade LCTs, where third games “for fun” were allowed, when time permitted, during the regular season.

Awards.  Trophies will be awarded for 1st through 5th place and the consolation championship.  Individual players on teams winning trophies will receive medallions.

We provide ten medallions per team at each LCT.  For teams that win a trophy and have more than ten players actually in attendance at the LCT (that means we’re not ordering extra awards for players who didn’t attend), you will be able to obtain additional medallions after the event by contacting Tracie Tilton at or 715-749-9048.  No individual awards will be provided to teams that fail to win a team trophy.

Questions or Comments.  Questions or comments about the LCT before or after the day of the event, should be directed to Terri Green at 715-386-4317 ( or Tracie Tilton 715-749-9048 (  Questions or comments at the event should be directed to the following Tournament Director who will be on site:

  • 8th Grade
    • Altoona:  Wendy Springer
    • Bloomer:  Traci Jacobs
    • Cadott:  Lynn Schreiner
  • 7th Grade
    • Amery:  Lisa Markee
    • Clear Lake:  Alicia Strilzuk
    • Prairie Farm:  Micki Bowers
  • 6th Grade
    • St. Croix Central:  Autumn Afdahl
    • Spring Valley:  Kelli Schlegel
  • 5th/4th Grade
    • Edgar:  Jody Davis
    • Mosinee:  Melissa Jellings