Enrollment Process


The enrollment process for the 2021 WSICTs will work as follows:

  • Teams that applied to play in the 2020 WSICT events will be invited for 2021. 
  • Teams from eastern, southern or south central Wisconsin that were not invited to the 2020 WSICT will be sent invitations if the coach makes a compelling case for their level of competitiveness. 
  • Teams that were invited to a previous WSICT (2018, 2019 or 2020) and declined, or didn’t respond to the invitation, will not be sent an invitation for 2021 unless the coach of that team first calls or emails Terri Green.  If you coach an "excellent" or "very good" team that declined a previous invitation, getting into the field on a second-chance basis, shouldn't be that difficult. 
  • Great Northwest Basketball League Teams (note:  if your community's teams are not in the area covered by the GNBL, this bullet does NOT apply to you):  Teams in communities from northern, western and central Wisconsin that are located in the area covered by the GNBL, can also contact Terri Green for consideration of their team applying for the WSICT.  Since we have current records on your team, we will not need detailed information on who your team has played. 

GNBL 5th grade teams that register as an "A" or "B+" team, will be invited to the WSICT, but ultimate acceptance into the field will be based on actual performance at the A/B+ level.GNBL 5th grade teams that register at the "B" level or below, will not automatically receive a WSICT invitation, but their results will be monitored throughout the season as well and an invitation extended later where game results warrant.

Great Northwest teams must submit their completed enrollment form along with the fee before they will be accepted into the field.We do not call teams to remind them to send in their enrollment forms.