Eligibility Rules and Game Rules



Complete 2021 Wisconsin State Invitational Championship Tournament Rules are posted on the website at gnbl.org, click on "WSICT" and then "2021 Rules."  The Rules include game rules, a detailed discussion of eligibility and seeding procedures for every field size. 


The most often asked question by coaches is:  what do I need to do to demonstrate that my team is strong enough to play in this tournament?  While team strength is a critical part of the selection process, the first criterion is player eligibility.  Every year there are a number of strong teams that we must decline because their players live in multiple school districts.  While private schools (which have no territorial districts) are welcome to participate in the WSICT, the eligibility requirements for non-public schools in this tournament are as stringent as those for public schools, with all players required to attend a feeder school of the same denomination or affiliation within the high school's geographic drawing area.  We provide exceptions for students currently open-enrolled at a different public school district than the one in which they currently live.  We do NOT, under any circumstances, consider where an older sibling attends or attended a particular high school, or where parents say they are planning to send a son/daughter to high school (unless they are already open enrolled by the time of the 8th grade WSICT for a player going into 9th grade in 2021-2022).  For a very detailed discussion of tournament player eligibility requirements, see WSICT Rule 11, which can be accessed on this website by clicking on "2021 WSICT Rules."  We also encourage coaches who anticipate that they want to enroll in the 2021 WSICT to read all the rules, especially those relating to game situations.