Selection Process


In deciding which teams to invite to the WSICT, tournament organizers spend a great deal of time researching the strength of potential invitees.  That includes:


  • Monitoring traveling league website results and standings.  Most of the larger traveling leagues in the state (e.g., The Great Northwest, YGSBL, WYBL, etc.) maintain websites that post standings and/or game results.  We monitor these on a weekly basis during the fall/winter season.  If you coach a team that plays in a smaller league that maintains a website that is actively updated with game results, let us know what that website is by emailing us at:  We only monitor leagues that are organized on an A/B basis, or where the communities participating field only one team.  We will not monitor leagues where participant communities have multiple, evenly-divided teams, because the results of games involving such teams do not accurately reflect the relative strength of a community's "A" team once the strongest players are put together on one team for our tournament.


  • Recommendations from alumni coaches.  The coaches of the teams that enrolled in the 2020 WSICTs were asked to recommend younger teams (last season's 4th grade) from their community or other communities, that they felt would be sufficiently strong to play in the 2021 WSICT. 


  • Varsity coaches and tournament directors.  Throughout the year, we talk to many varsity coaches and tournament directors about strong teams in their area that they have seen.



Coaches are welcome to initiate the invitation process.  Such overtures should be directed to Terri Green at 715-386-4317 or  When calling or emailing, be prepared with the following information:


  • One of the team's coaches (not a parent, scheduler or team manager) must call initially so we can ask questions about opposing teams played.


  • If sending an email, or leaving a voice mail, identify the specific public high school or private high school into which your youth team feeds.  If you say you are from the Milwaukee "area" or you are from "Green Bay" or "Madison," (when we don't know which of the numerous high schools in those communities your team feeds into), we will not respond.  Please be certain to leave a phone number so that we can call you back.


  • We will ask you about results against the best teams you played this season and last season.